Who is JAAulde?

My name is Jim Auldridge and I like building web applications. I am quite interested in standards on the web and making sites accessible, search engine friendly, and cross browser compatible. I absolutely love working on the user interface side of the web as well as the server side logic. My skill set includes HTTP(S), (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Apache, PHP, SQL, MySQL RDBM, and PostgreSQL RDBM.

The open nature of the web really appeals to me and I enjoy writing things for others to use (at no cost) as well as helping and teaching others in all areas of web development. I am quite active on a number of forums discussing these matters and have contributed to some open source projects as well as released my own code under a BSD license.

What is this place?

The purpose of this site is to provide a place for distribution of code that I write, to provide a test environment for my web development, and provide a hosting place for demonstration of solutions I write for questions presented on web development discussion boards.

The site does not now, nor will it ever, stand as an example of the sort of finished product I produce. This whole thing is really a big test bed. I'd like to incorporate it all into a better system of content management, but just may never get to it. For now, the links to the right are categorized as follows: